Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No more giants!

Okay, same disclaimer as the post before. All nervous and social phobic so my writing isn't as good as it usually is.

I'm part of the whole "normal avatar" movement. I convinced a few friends to go normal as well. SecondLife is a world of giants. I like not being a giant. Especially in female avatars, I've noticed that shorter avatars are a bit more...curvy. The taller ones seem to have this forced skinniness that people attempt (and fail) at correcting through increases in the muscle sliders. First and foremost one must always remember the SecondLife mesh is shitty. Not just low poly, but poorly designed. It would be cool if they replaced the female mesh with one of the opensourced Victoria meshes and give the guys their own mesh instead of making a male derivative. My avatar is currently 5'5 (5'0 on the old failheight detectors) Its cute. Its curvy. And from a distance (or in pictures) you can't tell its half the height of every other avatar out there. Most of my friends are currently normal height as well. Ishtara is adorable and I think she's a bit shorter than me. Anyway, I've noticed the average avatar is 6'11. Do you have any idea just how stretched out it gets? I mean, I guess you can make it work, but in my experience, the less you fuck with the mesh, the better. You can get some really unique looks while falling in some "normal" parameters. I can't remember all of them and my little thing I wrote is in my main computer at home.


 See, I'm adorable! (Okay, I know I'm not, but I just felt like sharing this picture for the 30th million time)


  1. I tried being normal height once. Problem is nearly all of SL is built for AVs of 6ft+ scale. Sit on a piece of furniture and you look like Tom Thumb.

    I did see a thread/website once that explained why SL was built to this scale, which made sense. If I remember it was system driven rather than being somebody's concious will to have a land of giants.

    Would it help you if LL relabelled or the height measures? Therefore, made 7ft 6ft.

  2. I haven't encountered really any problems. I get the occasional tanned Braziltard with the broken English "why be childs" but I ignore those people anyway. I don't really think anything needs to be relabeled, I went "normal" because I noticed once you go to the 5'2-6'2 range, the shitty mesh starts looking slightly less shitty.

  3. I also gradually shrunk over the years. When I started out in SL, the old clay golem Ruth looked like an ugly dwarf, so of course I made her taller and leggier instead of fixing her soccer player legs, hydrocephalus, bull neck and all the other Ruthness. That slowly happened over the years when I de-SLAmazonized Ishtara.

    And yay for DAZ3D avatar meshes! I didn't know they opensourced the old models? It would make sense though. I doubt they could still sell Victoria 2 in the Vicky 4 age. Press ctrl+shift+R sometimes, and you'll see that our avatars already are high polygon objects. Not the crappy old avatar mesh but the ton of prims that everybody carries around (especially myself. I'm no purist either. Fuck the meaningless ARC; if things get laggy, buy a real computer). With all the high-prim and high-poly attachments, the avatar mesh might as well be high poly as well.