Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ModularSystems is worse than Hitler or is it?

Meh I don't really care. I just thought it would be a good topic to get my mind off current social phobia.

So supposedly ModularSystems is currently worse than Hitler. I honestly don't really care. I mean, Emerald works. Onyx seems like a good idea. A CDS system is fine too. I'm an Emerald fangirl, this is well known. The current status of the supposed "data mining" (something that I'm sure that the Dreamland RegAPI is also doing as well, and probably every single RegAPI) doesn't really phase me. Anytime I log into any of the RRWs (Resident Run Websites for those not down and jiggy with my hip TLA lingo.) I'm sure my given name (usually people give their avatar name) and my IP address is logged. So Emerald logging IP addresses is nothing special. I also read somewhere that its supposedly allowed by LL to track avatars created by a RegAPI or something.

Sorry if my writing is subpar, really nervous right now ^_^

Also, Onyx project: also a non-issue. I care as much about a bot who inspects everything I own as I do about another avatar who inspects everything I own. Thats all it seems it does. Even if "being caught" would put an avatar on some sort of banlist, I wouldn't mind. I get banned from more places just for what I blog about than I probably ever could for being falsely accused of some sort of ip infringement or whatever (I'm currently banned from ALL of Dare Estates or whatever its called. The kitschy goth sim or whatever it is. I found out that this was because I said something zomgmeen) CDS seems to be the same deal. I mean, its not. But I've gone through the whole testing thing. Everyone knows Ishtara Rothschild is a good friend of mine and her sims are all CDS protected. I did the whole "testing" where you log in with shoopedlife/thuglyfe/cyrolife/neillife whathaveyou and then trying to log in from a "normal" viewer from the same computer and I didn't get banned from any of her sims. (I tested with the GPL compliant Neilife [since we all know making it GPL compliant makes all of its blackhat uses TOTALLY moot >_<]) Which is both good and bad. Its good because it proves or whatever that CDS doesn't scour your harddrive for data, its bad because tards going LOLCAWBYBAWT can just log back in with a "normal" viewer and not be banned. Enough about CDS, back to Onyx. I don't see what could be wrong with something that just inspects people, collect a name (which is public info) and then sending (for example) "Daria Afterthought was found with item CABELO LORIOS - Created by VIVABRASIL092093 Tardbot - a copy of Magika Joy - Blonde A" to the creator. Seems like a good idea. If it is revealed that this is not how Onyx works, I'll be emosad and nerdrage accordingly

As far as Emerald Viewer itself...the viewer is kickass, no point in denying it. I love it. I've heard rumors that I was making a DariaLyfe or something like that, and while this isn't true it is based on an idea I had, and it is possible it may or may not happen one day.


  1. The odd thing about this is that I'm no fanboy of Mod Sys. I have got some concerns about the CDS wide sim bans and the insta ban part of it. However, everytime the Mod Sys haters post something it's either a fart in storm or a lie. Foremost of the liars being Spurious Finucane.

    If it wasn't for the company I would be keeping I'd like to be on their side of the fence asking a question once in a while. However, what they don't realise is they are doing more to publicise Mod Sys products then Mod Sys could have ever hoped for. Proof? Yesterday I bought 2 one month CDS units. One for my main's property and one for where I have a vendor so I could check for myself any issues. In less than 24 hrs it's kicked 2 from the vendor site and 1 from the main's home. As yet I haven't had one IM from the kicked AVs complaining that they were unfairly kicked.

    And why oh why do they think moaning about Mod Sys in a forum is going to get them banned? Why don't they all fuck off to Linden Island and sit outside their offices all day complaining. Maybe it's because they know nobody there is going to listen to them, which says it all really.


  2. Modular Systems are LL about 5 years ago. I wrote a big, long load of waffle on that very topic on one of the drama threads, but i can't be arsed to retype it.
    Short version: ModSys has some maverick devs who do stuff that occasionally isn't fully thought through, and ModSys as an entity is struggling to cope due to its rapid growth in popularity with Emerald. People throw toys out of pram because of this. Seen it all before with LL. LL became more controlled and bureaucratic as a result. People still throw toys out of pram at LL. ModSys will likely also have to become more controlled and bureaucratic to quieten the drama whores. People will still throw toys out of pram!