Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I really have nothing to write about lately. Someone give me an idea. Or anger me into ranting.


  1. OK, what do you think about the latest parenting trend of having to be friends with your children? If you were a parent, would you be ultra strict or totally allowing?

  2. Tell me why this was modded and rejected then....? Just to paint the picture the OP got caught paying tier twice (legally by LL) for a sim she had for only 15hrs before selling and her tier was due during that 15hrs.

    Who would report it as abuse or why would LL consider it abuse? Go figure kickass smart girl.

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    Re: $390 To Own A Sim For 15 Hours !

    posted May 16, 2010 9:20 PM

    Well LL are smiling. You forgot to add that your business partner has to pay $195 as well. Have you asked him when his tier is due? This could be the most profitable sim in a 24hr history

    Sorry for your bad luck. :-(


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  3. @Anon: Its the same upper middle class white people bullshit from when I was a kid. And I'd be somewhere in the middle. DO YOUR HOMEWORK OR YOURE GROUNDED FROM THE BONG FOR A WEEK D:<

    Thanks. I could rant about this topic later.

    @Sy: The mods have gotten faggy. I've written about this like a million times.