Sunday, May 16, 2010

Me love you long time.

[2010/05/16 2:41]  Hatchep Hassanein: sexy :))
[2010/05/16 2:42]  You: thanks
[2010/05/16 2:42]  Hatchep Hassanein: :))
[2010/05/16 2:42]  You: :)
[2010/05/16 2:42]  Hatchep Hassanein: nice body, i like it
[2010/05/16 2:43]  Hatchep Hassanein: mmmmmmmmm
[2010/05/16 2:45]  Hatchep Hassanein: i like your breast
[2010/05/16 2:46]  You: thanks..theyre just boobs
[2010/05/16 2:46]  Hatchep Hassanein: but nice boobs
[2010/05/16 2:56]  Hatchep Hassanein: i like masturbate ,watching you
[2010/05/16 2:56]  You: thanks for that I guess
[2010/05/16 2:57]  Hatchep Hassanein: :))
[2:59]  Hatchep Hassanein: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[2:59]  Hatchep Hassanein: so good
[3:01]  Hatchep Hassanein: thank for the good orgasm :)
[3:02]  You: problem?
[3:03]  Hatchep Hassanein: you give me a good orgasm, masturbation was good watching you
[3:04]  You: um..thanks I guess? glad I could sit on a beachtowel doing nothing?
[3:05]  Hatchep Hassanein: yesssssssssss
[3:07]  Hatchep Hassanein: mmmmmmm, so exciting

Why god why.


  1. lol! well, at least he was quick...

  2. What i'm more intrigued by is that he said he "liked you breast" - what's wrong with the other one?!

  3. In some languages, the commonly used word for the female bosom is singular. Just as the English word bosom :)

    Same with the German "Busen", which is more commonly used than bosom in the English speaking world I guess. It's perfectly ok to say something like "Ich griff ihr an den Busen", whereas the English version "I groped her bosom" sounds just weird. Tits would be mroe appropriate in this case. Anyway,
    I suppose that's why ESLers get confused.