Sunday, May 16, 2010

Girl bar hopping...a log of such...

 A bit tl;dr and TMI, but I thought I'd share anyway. Someone, somewhere, probably finds it amusing.

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[0:58]  Professional Gadget: Welcome to the my Teahouse, real women only please!  If you like this place please add us to your picks: it helps other girls find us.  To stop griefing my land is norez but the big Nubian Angel store next door allows it and there are posestands there too

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[1:05]  Cannot enter parcel, you are not on the access list.

[1:06]  HUB Greeter:

Hello  Daria Afterthought and welcome to the Lesbian Dyke SocialHUB!

 The sim is goup only access so you will need a group tag to enter!

 We hope you enjoy your time here!

You are visitor 1237

[1:07]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Thank you for stopping by. We hope you have fun here and make a few new friends!

[1:07]  You decline 'Zensual Sculpture, Ukanipo (35, 118, 30)'  ( ) from girl8.

[1:07]  Viktor Serrao: hi daria

[1:08]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Send SIM suggestions to Rogue Galaxy or April Geesink

[1:08]  You: hi...bit empty

[1:08]  Viktor Serrao: litle bit but still good company :) how are you doimg?

[1:08]  Viktor Serrao: doing*

[1:08]  You decline 'Zensual Sculpture, Ukanipo (35, 118, 30)'  ( ) from girl4.

[1:08]  Pierso Triangle: Hello Daria :)

[1:09]  You: Im okay...just bored...

[1:09]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Clairede Dirval performs LIVE here at the Sea Breeze Amphitheater 2 fridays a month! Be sure to check the schedule!
[1:09]  You: you?

[1:09]  Pierso Triangle: well Viktor could be bored by my chat :D

[1:09]  Pierso Triangle: I'm a bit too talkative today :D

[1:09]  Viktor Serrao: doing good - a little sleepy

[1:09]  You: when does this place get really busy? if ever...bored

[1:10]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: MMmmmm We love femmes.. they smell real good!

[1:10]  Pierso Triangle: it does around 6 AM and 12 PM and 3PM to 6PM

[1:10]  Pierso Triangle: mainly

[1:10]  You: SLT?

[1:10]  Pierso Triangle: there are events with dance

[1:10]  Pierso Triangle: and there is constant hanging out

[1:10]  Pierso Triangle: when euros, yankess and aussies don't sleep

[1:10]  Pierso Triangle: SLT yes :)

[1:11]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Sundays 4 - 6 PM SLT - Come Party with DJ SIN!

[1:11]  You: ah..just bored...hopping from girl bar to girl bar...cant find a place that isnt infested with permanoob guy in real life types...

[1:11]  Pierso Triangle: yeah :/

[1:11]  Pierso Triangle: "Hey gorgeous" they say...

[1:11]  You: naw they dont talk to me

[1:11]  Pierso Triangle: "Wanna #@!?¡ ?"

[1:11]  You: my avatar is too dykey

[1:12]  Pierso Triangle: ah lucky you then ^^

[1:12]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: MMmmmmm We LOVE Butch energy! The Strutt.. The Cockiness.. The Entire PACKAGE! *blink blink* Oops.. heh.. my bad? *innocent look*

[1:12]  You: its kinda depressing

[1:12]  Pierso Triangle: it is very feminine too me

[1:12]  Viktor Serrao: -nods- agreed

[1:12]  Pierso Triangle: not so much lesbian looking

[1:12]  Pierso Triangle: well actually I'm not a reference

[1:12]  You: most ultra bulldykes are feminine in looks....redneck dudes in style ^_^

[1:12]  Pierso Triangle: I've spent my SL in lesbian pkaces

[1:12]  Pierso Triangle: places*

[1:13]  You: havent you noticed most femme types looking like boys :P

[1:13]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: You're such a DYKE!

[1:13]  Pierso Triangle: no

[1:13]  Pierso Triangle: I just know that lipstick lesbian looking gals are often guys

[1:13]  You: ah...the new "hot feminine girl" actually has very masculine physical features...but feminine style...

[1:14]  You: I meant irl

[1:14]  You: lol

[1:14]  Pierso Triangle: ^^

[1:14]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: You're such a GIRL!

[1:14]  You: SL I just figure theyres all dudes

[1:14]  Pierso Triangle: 60% of female avatars yes

[1:14]  Pierso Triangle: approx

[1:14]  Pierso Triangle: if you avoid free sex places it drops

[1:14]  Viktor Serrao: brb

[1:15]  You: everywhere just seems empty other than free sex places

[1:15]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: This is Trans Friendly Territory!

[1:15]  Pierso Triangle: yes I see what you mean

[1:15]  Pierso Triangle: the community is not really huge

[1:15]  Pierso Triangle: and most places don't want to be meat markets or pickup places

[1:15]  Pierso Triangle: but there are a few sims quite active

[1:16]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Mondays 6 - 8  PM SLT - SHAKE YO ASS WIFF DJ RAVYN!

[1:16]  Pierso Triangle: have you been to the HQ here?

[1:16]  You: no

[1:16]  Pierso Triangle: it has landmarks to most les sims

[1:16]  You: cool

[1:16]  Pierso Triangle: lemme show you where it is

[1:16]  Pierso Triangle: brb Vik :))

[1:16]  Pierso Triangle: this way please :)

[1:17]  You: I just wish there was a somewhat medium traffic place of nice looking avatars that will talk about stuff...

[1:17]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: MMmmmm transwomen are soooooo sexah!!!

[1:17]  Viktor Serrao: okay back

[1:17]  Dyke March Welcome Mat: Hello Daria Afterthought Welcome to Dyke March Headquarters!

[1:17]  Pierso Triangle: here on the right

[1:17]  You: oh cool

[1:18]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: We are PROUD members of the greater GLBT Community!

[1:18]  Pierso Triangle: the top left one on the left wall

[1:18]  Pierso Triangle: is Isle of Lesbos

[1:18]  Dyke March Welcome Mat: Hello Viktor Serrao Welcome to Dyke March Headquarters!

[1:18]  Pierso Triangle: generally good traffic

[1:18]  Pierso Triangle: sometimes a pickup place tho

[1:18]  You: I think Ive been there...lots of glamazons in slave wear asking "SEX YES?"

[1:19]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Mondays 8 - 10 PM SLT - GET DOWN WITH DJ TRAC!

[1:19]  Pierso Triangle: Isle of Lesbos, A Woman's touch

[1:19]  Pierso Triangle: IOL?

[1:19]  Pierso Triangle: damn things change fast :D

[1:20]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one.

[1:20]  You: somehow I just dont think that a real girl bar would get too popular in sl

[1:21]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 admonishments to heterosexuals.  That doesn't mean that God doesn't love heterosexuals.  It's just that they need more supervision.

[1:21]  You: all the IRL girls here seem to want to play house with Mr. Gorean Right

[1:21]  You: and it makes me emosad ;____;

[1:21]  Pierso Triangle: yeah :/

[1:21]  Pierso Triangle: that's sad

[1:21]  Viktor Serrao: very sad

[1:21]  Pierso Triangle: the nice guys never get the girls either

[1:21]  Pierso Triangle: they prefer mr cruel

[1:22]  You: housewives wanting to get away from housewife-ry by role playing a housewife...


[1:22]  Pierso Triangle: slave housewife

[1:22]  Pierso Triangle: nadu and tower and all

[1:22]  You: slave...housewife...same thing

[1:22]  Pierso Triangle: I hate Gor

[1:22]  Viktor Serrao: "slave" makes it more exciting.

[1:22]  Pierso Triangle: yes

[1:22]  Pierso Triangle: quick, collar me!

[1:23]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: My lesbianism is an act of Christian charity.  All those women out there praying for a man, and I'm giving them my share.  ~Rita Mae Brown

[1:23]  You: I cant get into any sort of bondage thing in SL...I dont get the point...tied up in rl can be pretty kickass but watching an avatar have particle chains bind you haphazardly to a low prim table is just...silly

[1:23]  Pierso Triangle: yes

[1:23]  Pierso Triangle: agreed

[1:24]  Pierso Triangle: chat is more evocative

[1:24]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: If homosexuality is a disease, let's all call in queer to work:  "Hello.  Can't work today, still queer."  ~Robin Tyler

[1:24]  Pierso Triangle: the environment is there just for the immersion

[1:24]  You: I dont get into chat all that well...

[1:24]  Pierso Triangle: I totally understand

[1:24]  You: I dont really get into porn either...other than hentai...

[1:25]  You: theres something about incest furry tentacle bondage dickgirl rape ^____^

[1:25]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: No government has the right to tell its citizens when or whom to love.  The only queer people are those who don't love anybody.  ~Rita Mae Brown, speech, 28 August 1982

[1:25]  Pierso Triangle: :D

[1:25]  You: (kidding of course, but it gets pretty silly...which I guess is why its fun to read)

[1:26]  Pierso Triangle: alas as I said I'm not very knowledgeable about places for girls


[1:26]  Viktor Serrao: have heard about hentai but never looked it up

[1:27]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: That word "lesbian" sounds like a disease.  And straight men know because they're sure that they're the cure.  ~Denise McCanles

[1:27]  You: its just x-rated manga

[1:27]  Pierso Triangle: well I was bored with the lesbian scene

I told myself I gotta find another thing

so I strapped on my boots

and I walked down the street

and I rolled right in to the local drag king bar...

[1:27]  Pierso Triangle whistles

[1:27]  Viktor Serrao: lol

[1:28]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Drag is when a man wears everything a lesbian won't.  ~Author Unknown

[1:28]  You: have you seen the" Atheist Barbie"?

[1:28]  Pierso Triangle: nope

[1:28]  Viktor Serrao: no?

[1:28]  You:

[1:29]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Show our LIVE performers & DJ's some LINDEN LOVE! Tip generously!!

[1:29]  You: I look pretty much like this...although much shorter and rachel maddow haircut

[1:29]  Angelryon Office: Sorry Nadege Kyong, this door is locked

[1:29]  Pierso Triangle: oh my

[1:29]  Pierso Triangle: I am shocked

[1:29]  Pierso Triangle: they mock the FSM oO

[1:29]  Nadege Kyong: hello ;-)

[1:30]  Viktor Serrao: hey nadege

[1:30]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Wednesdays 4 - 6 PM SLT - COME PARTY WITH DJ SIN!

[1:30]  You: I have that shirt >_<

[1:30]  You: and those glasses

[1:30]  You: yo...person with difficult name. sup?

[1:30]  Pierso Triangle: ^^

[1:30]  Pierso Triangle: french name actually

[1:30]  Nadege Kyong: hi

[1:31]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~Dr. Seuss

[1:31]  Viktor Serrao: :)

[1:31]  Nadege Kyong: viktor nettoyeur ? hihihi

[1:31]  Nadege Kyong: du film nikita

[1:31]  Nadege Kyong: do you know the movie Nikita ?

[1:32]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night.

[1:32]  Viktor Serrao: i've heard of ot but haven't watched it

[1:32]  You: I dont even know what it is

[1:32]  Nadege Kyong: into secret spy agency

[1:32]  Nadege Kyong: victor nettoyer

[1:32]  Nadege Kyong: a killer

[1:32]  Viktor Serrao: -grins- nice

[1:33]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Closets are for clothes.

[1:33]  Nadege Kyong: he has a grey hat, a grey coat, and a fantastic badboy face hihihi

[1:34]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Thursdays 6 - 8 PM SLT - SHAKE YO ASS WIFF DJ RAVYN!

[1:34]  Nadege Kyong: wasabi

[1:34]  Nadege Kyong: godzila

[1:35]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.

[1:35]  Nadege Kyong: lol

[1:35]  Nadege Kyong: except us hihihi

[1:35]  You: What are Japanese Things for 500?

[1:35]  Pierso Triangle: Jeopardy game?

[1:36]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Every time you don't follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness.

[1:36]  You: dunno...she just randomly said some japanese cliches...

[1:36]  Pierso Triangle: lol

[1:36]  Viktor Serrao: lol

[1:36]  You: I need to go buy a cute outfit I saw on a blog....brb

[1:36]  Pierso Triangle: ok :)

[1:36]  Viktor Serrao: kk

[1:36]  Nadege Kyong: a japanese one ?

[1:36]  Nadege Kyong: ok lol

[1:36]  Nadege Kyong: i have a kimono

[1:37]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Everybody's journey is individual. If you fall in love with a boy, you fall in love with a boy. The fact that many Americans consider it a disease says more about them than it does about homosexuality.

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[1:37]  The Dressing Room: Welcome in The Dressing Room! Discount shop created by fabulous designers.

[1:38]  Teleport completed from

[1:38]  Viktor Serrao: wb

[1:38]  Pierso Triangle: wb Daria

[1:38]  Pierso Triangle: That was fast

[1:38]  Nadege Kyong: the teenager asks which belt the master has

[1:38]  Pierso Triangle: can you hear us btw?

[1:39]  You: you mean as in voice? no. I keep it perma disabled. voice is dumb

[1:39]  Nadege Kyong: the master answers : strong belt to hold pants

[1:39]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: I don't mind straight people as long as they act gay in public.

[1:39]  Pierso Triangle: ok :)

[1:39]  Viktor Serrao: :)

[1:39]  Viktor Serrao: lol

[1:39]  Pierso Triangle: then I did well to type everything ^^


[1:39]  Nadege Kyong: a way to say that the color of the belt means nothing

[1:39]  Pierso Triangle: the internet is for sending packets

[1:39]  Pierso Triangle: period :D

[1:39]  Viktor Serrao: teh internetz is amazing

[1:40]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: I like my beers cold and my homosexuals flaming.

[1:40]  Nadege Kyong: in viet vo dao the white belt is the best degree

[1:40]  Pierso Triangle: what's vo dao?

[1:40]  Pierso Triangle: the way of?

[1:40]  You: voice really really annoys me though...theres some german chick I swear is following me on alts...everywhere I go some really high pitched woman's voice speaking german and GIGGLING

[1:40]  Nadege Kyong: vietnamese karate

[1:40]  Pierso Triangle: ok

[1:40]  Nadege Kyong: it begins with the blue belt

[1:41]  Nadege Kyong: color of hope

[1:41]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Saturdays 2 - 4 PM SLT - COME DANCE WITH DJ DOMI!

[1:41]  Nadege Kyong: then the yellow one


[1:41]  Nadege Kyong: color of skin

[1:41]  Pierso Triangle: sounds like snooker :D

[1:41]  Nadege Kyong: then the red one

[1:41]  Nadege Kyong: color of blood

[1:41]  Nadege Kyong: then the white one

[1:41]  Pierso Triangle: still snooker

[1:41]  Pierso Triangle: ah

[1:41]  Nadege Kyong: color of bones

[1:41]  Pierso Triangle: :)


[1:41]  Viktor Serrao: i like that

[1:41]  You: Ive never seen a yellow person

[1:42]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: MMmmmm transmen RAWK!!!

[1:42]  You: except this chick with kidney failure

[1:42]  Pierso Triangle: or they have a bad hepatite

[1:42]  You: most people are some variation of brown....

[1:42]  Nadege Kyong: it means that the art penetrate step by step the student until the bones

[1:42]  Pierso Triangle: nice :)

[1:43]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Saturdays 6 - 8 PM SLT - SHAKE YO ASS WIFF DJ RAVYN!

[1:43]  Nadege Kyong: i have studied a bit of martial art

[1:43]  Nadege Kyong: and i've read some books from the famous Bruce Lee

[1:43]  You: I prefer yoga

[1:44]  Nadege Kyong: his philosophy is interesting

[1:44]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Hello and Welcome to the Lesbian Dyke SocialHUB! SL's premiere lesbian dyke tg ts and gender queer hangout!

[1:44]  Nadege Kyong: he learnt several martial arts before developing his own technics

[1:44]  You: Im disgruntled about the remake of The Karate Kid...if thats of any worth to this conversation...

[1:45]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Please feel free to have a look around and make yourself at home!

[1:45]  Nadege Kyong: bruce Lee has created the way of the Jetken do

[1:46]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Join us daily for Morning Coffee Social from 6 - 9 AM SLT!

[1:46]  Nadege Kyong: it means to search the easiest way in making things = efficiency

[1:46]  Nadege Kyong: yes

[1:46]  Nadege Kyong: the point is to go straight away to the hit point

[1:47]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Please visit a fun and friendly community site!

[1:47]  You: gah. I cant follow this conversation at all...Im guessing everything of merit is being said on voice

[1:47]  Nadege Kyong: have you seen the movie Ong Back

[1:47]  Pierso Triangle: absolutely not

[1:47]  Pierso Triangle: tha' wouldn't be respectful of you

[1:47]  Nadege Kyong: another crazy martial art in it : the muy thai

[1:48]  You: then why doesn't anything make sense to me :<

[1:48]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Show our LIVE performers DJ's some LINDEN LOVE! Tip generously!!

[1:48]  Pierso Triangle: nerdiness time

[1:48]  Pierso Triangle: ^^

[1:48]  Nadege Kyong: you hit with elbows and bones from legs

[1:48]  Pierso Triangle: we have our moments, like cats

[1:48]  You: how is martial arts nerdy...

[1:48]  You: wheres a kitty?

[1:48]  You: I like kitties..

[1:48]  You: theyre soft...

[1:48]  You: and fuzzy...

[1:48]  Nadege Kyong:  =^.^= MEW =^.*=

[1:48]  Nadege Kyong: *mews*

[1:48]  Pierso Triangle: fangs and claws

[1:48]  Nadege Kyong: hihihi

[1:48]  You: and they have those little ears

[1:49]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: If you need any help or have any questions you can drop a note card in our inventory, contact Rogue Galaxy or April Geesink!

[1:49]  Pierso Triangle: and big stomaches

[1:49]  Viktor Serrao: yes they're cute till they grow up and get all attudude.. y..

[1:49]  Nadege Kyong: neko fashion is fun

[1:49]  Nadege Kyong: i have an outfit too

[1:49]  You: neko fashion is least in SL

[1:49]  You: I cant stand it

[1:50]  You: Im so used to the "original" neko stuff that I cant stand the SL kind

[1:50]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Thank you for stopping by. We hope you have fun here and make a few new friends!

[1:50]  Viktor Serrao: different media

[1:51]  Nadege Kyong: miou miou ;-)

[1:51]  Nadege Kyong: le mew

[1:51]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Send SIM suggestions to Rogue Galaxy or April Geesink

[1:51]  You: yea..I dont get how we ended up from "cute lolita/ultra cute cute cute" to "crackwhore in a dumpster" though

[1:51]  Viktor Serrao: le purrr

[1:51]  You: the "ultra grunge" SL aspect is just mind boggling to me

[1:51]  Nadege Kyong: lol

[1:51]  You: "neko" has been cutesy for as long as its existed

[1:51]  You: until SL came along

[1:51]  Nadege Kyong: i've spent some though lol

[1:52]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Clairede Dirval performs LIVE here at the Sea Breeze Amphitheater 2 fridays a month! Be sure to check the schedule!

[1:52]  Nadege Kyong: i like the natural way of walking

[1:52]  You: how does being a neko have anything to do with not looking stupid when you walk?

[1:52]  bam club just say bam whispers: ready to bam

[1:52]  Nadege Kyong: especialy this one

[1:53]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: MMmmmm We love femmes.. they smell real good!

[1:53]  Nadege Kyong: lol

[1:53]  You: Im bored...going to check out some place else

[1:53]  Viktor Serrao: take care daria

[1:53]  You: :3 be back if I find nothing

[1:53]  Pierso Triangle: Bye Daria

[1:53]  Teleport completed from

[1:54]   Daisy lightly wraps their fingers around Daria's tail and strokes the length of it.

[1:54]  Daisy Bridger: hi daria

[1:54]  You: don't...don't do that.

[1:54]  Daisy Bridger: why hunny

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[1:55]  You: I'm not into having things emoted at me?

[1:55]  Daisy Bridger: i didnt know hunny

[1:55]  Daisy Bridger: sorry

[1:56]  You: yea...I guess its "normal" in SL to just chat-touch people...

[1:56]  Daisy Bridger: i was only playing hunny

[1:56]  AKEYO donut pillow - cappuchino: |||| AKEYO MULTI SIT, Touch to change pose ||||

[1:56]  Daisy Bridger: trying be be friendly

[1:56]  You: still...have a little respect...

[1:56]  Daisy Bridger: perhaps you shouldnt wear it if you dont want people to play

[1:57]  Daisy Bridger: omg hunny

[1:57]  You: its a tail...not a sex toy >_<

[1:57]  Daisy Bridger: you are overacting sweet

[1:57]  You: its "cute"

[1:57]  Daisy Bridger: omg

[1:57]  Daisy Bridger: i wont bother again than

[1:57]  You: meh, I just dont get why you're fighting me on it...I told you Im not into that and you're being

[1:57]  Daisy Bridger: give my friendly kind personnnality to people who deserve it

[1:58]  Daisy Bridger: and im saying nothing else

[1:58]  Daisy Bridger: sorry i offended you and thats all i have to say

[1:58]  You: somehow "messing with peoples bits" doesnt seem like "just being friendly..."

[1:58]  You: personal space yo..

[1:58]  Evil Titler: Daisy Bridger needs a new title!  To set it, anyone may say the text on /21.  Daisy is not able to change it.

[1:59]  Evil Titler: Daria Afterthought has set a new title for Daisy Bridger!  Daisy will have to live with this until the next chance for it to be changed.

[1:59]  Bacardi Iceghost: sorry to eavesdrop - can't you just let it go Daria - looks like Daisy apologised

[1:59]  Daisy Bridger: thanks bacardi hunny

[1:59]  Bacardi Iceghost: yw

[1:59]  Bacardi Iceghost: Morning Ann

[1:59]  You: meh..Im not all that personally offended..just dont get why people will randomly use the emote stuff on your bits...

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[2:00]  Bacardi Iceghost: or afternoon

[2:00]  Ann Reverie: hello Bacardi

[2:00]  You: and then try to argue why its so not bad...which I never said it was bad..just dont like it

[2:00]  Bacardi Iceghost: plenty of them around Octavia - use the search and you'll find them

[2:01]  Daisy Bridger: hi girls

[2:02]  Bacardi Iceghost: Wet Kitty is good, Persian Lebian Tea Room ...

[2:02]  Bacardi Iceghost: lots of others

[2:02]  Bacardi Iceghost: I haven't seen Eden - is that nice?

[2:05]  Donation Box:  Welcome to Kittens Lesbian Erotica - Second Life's best free Lesbian sex room, since 2006. Please consider donating to help us out! Many thanks.

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[2:06]  KLE Picks plate: You can make Kittens your safe home location.

Ask the staff for a group invite and: World -> Set Location to Here

[2:07]  Teleport completed from

[2:10]  devinsa Benelli: hi daria

[2:12]  Teleport completed from

[2:12]  Bacardi Iceghost: Sten - this is women only. It's a lesbian club

[2:12]  Leena Katana: hi

[2:12]  Leena Katana: this is a ladies only club

[2:13]  Leena Katana: no men allowed

[2:13]  Sten Coba: ich liebe lesben

[2:13]  Sten's Google Translator: I love lesbians

[2:13]  You: oh god...its retarded to boot

[2:13]  Leena Katana: that maybe so, but no men allowed, you have to leave

[2:13]  Bacardi Iceghost: ok - we're trying to be nice Sten

[2:13]  KLE - Dance Panel - Main: Started. Have fun!

[2:13]  Bacardi Iceghost: now it's no more ms nice girl

[2:13]  Bacardi Iceghost: GO

[2:15]  You: cant it be ejected or something?

[2:15]  Bacardi Iceghost: now it's trying to be female

[2:16]  Bacardi Iceghost: neat - that's going to fool us eh?

[2:16]  Bacardi Iceghost laughs

[2:16]  Bacardi Iceghost: ok - reporting him now

[2:16]  You: isnt there a bot or something that can auto-ban male avatars...I saw that once

[2:16]  Sten Coba: has du lust auf sex

[2:16]  Sten's Google Translator: has you lust for sex

[2:16]  You: NO

[2:16]  Motoko Toshi: Daisy is so hot .. weeeee

[2:16]  You: NO....NO...FUCK NO

[2:16]  Leena Katana: sten, leave

[2:17]  Leena Katana: your not going to see anything

[2:17]  Bacardi Iceghost: not here but if we call security one of them will kick the idiot out

[2:18]  You: why is it always the dumb ones who are like "WOULD YOU LIKE SOME MAKING FUCK!!!!!!"

[2:18]  You: wair

[2:18]  You: wait*

[2:18]  You: answered my own question

[2:18]  Sten Coba: hallo leena

[2:18]  Sten's Google Translator: hi leena

[2:19]  Leena Katana: go sten

[2:19]  Sten Coba: wi kann ich dir hellfen

[2:19]  Sten's Google Translator: wi I hellfest you

[2:19]  Bacardi Iceghost: it's a teenage boy - that's my guess

[2:19]  Leena Katana: go,

[2:19]  Leena Katana: i going to keep following you till u do

[2:19]  Bacardi Iceghost: spotty - giggling like Beavis and Butthead - getting an erection over the L word

[2:20]  You: heh..heh...boobs...heh...

[2:20]  Bacardi Iceghost: if security are around somewhere he's out of here shortly

[2:21]  You: being Beavis or Butthead around me isn't too smart...Daria always seems to put them in their place...

[2:21]  You: lolpun

[2:21]  Bacardi Iceghost: he's gone - cool :)

[2:21]  Bacardi Iceghost smiles

[2:21]  Leena Katana: works everytime

[2:22]  Leena Katana: they ome to look, take that away, no reason for them to stay hehe

[2:22]  You: my avatar is speshully tuned to only appeal to other womens :3

[2:22]  Bacardi Iceghost: brb - need a cigarette after all that excitement :)

[2:22]  You: which is why Ive never been hit on at Wet Kitty...those broads are all dudes irl ^_^

[2:23]  Motoko Toshi: hello Leena

[2:23]  Motoko Toshi: nice wings ;-)

[2:25]  Motoko Toshi: i am fine Leena, ty

[2:27]  Leena Katana shouts: greetings everyone, sorry for not saying hi when i came in, just saw sten and wanted rid hehe

[2:27]  Bacardi Iceghost: hi Leena lol

[2:27]  Motoko Toshi: youre looking good leena ;)

[2:27]  KLE - Dance Panel - Main: Stopped. Thanks for dancing with us!

[2:28]  You: bored.

[2:30]  Teleport completed from

[2:31]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Show our LIVE performers DJ's some LINDEN LOVE! Tip generously!!

[2:32]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: If you need any help or have any questions you can drop a note card in our inventory, contact Rogue Galaxy or April Geesink!

[2:32]  Viktor Serrao: sorry afk atm

[2:33]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Thank you for stopping by. We hope you have fun here and make a few new friends!

[2:34]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Send SIM suggestions to Rogue Galaxy or April Geesink

[2:35]  HUB EVENT CHATTER shouts: Clairede Dirval performs LIVE here at the Sea Breeze Amphitheater 2 fridays a month! Be sure to check the schedule!

[2:36]  Teleport completed from

[2:36]  Elspeth: Daria Afterthought Welcome to the Isle of Lesbos. Please take a moment to review the rules, and lots of moments to explore all the sights. :D And contact Threshin Barnett if you run into problems. Thank you :D

[2:36]  Elspeth owned by Threshin Barnett gave you 'Isle of Lesbos Rules'  ( ).

[2:39]  You: hey :)

[2:39]  Carmilla Aura: hi

[2:39]  Hatchep Hassanein: hello ㋡

[2:39]  Hatchep's translator: hello ㋡

[2:40]  You: so whats up

[2:41]  Hatchep Hassanein: nothing, hehe

[2:41]  Hatchep's translator: Nothing, hehe

[2:41]  Carmilla Aura: lol

[2:41]  Carmilla Aura: I'll change into something more fit to beach

[2:41]  Carmilla Aura: and I'll come back

[2:41]  You: Im just really really

[2:43]  Carmilla Aura: hmm better

[2:43]  Hatchep Hassanein: yes

[2:43]  Hatchep's translator: yes

[2:44]  Carmilla Aura: so, what's up?

[2:44]  You: not

[2:44]  Hatchep Hassanein: hello savanah

[2:44]  Hatchep's translator: hello savanah

[2:45]  Savannah Shan: hello

[2:45]  Carmilla Aura: Hi

[2:46]  You: okay I give up...cant make my prim feet look good >_<

[2:47]  Carmilla Aura: lol

[2:47]  Hatchep Hassanein: ㋡

[2:47]  Hatchep's translator: ㋡

[2:48]  Carmilla Aura: oh, you have a tail, lol

[2:48]  You: tails are cute ^_^

[2:48]  Carmilla Aura: hmm

[2:49]  Carmilla Aura: savannah is stripping

[2:49]  You: naked.

[2:49]  You: lol

[2:49]  Carmilla Aura: Please keep the gloves on

[2:49]  Carmilla Aura: lol

[2:50]  Savannah Shan: ¿Alguien habla español?

[2:51]  Carmilla Aura: no

[2:51]  Savannah Shan: ok

[2:51]  Carmilla Aura: yo no

[2:51]  Carmilla Aura: tu speake espagnol, Hatchep?

[2:51]  Savannah Shan: yes

[2:52]  Carmilla Aura: daria do you speak spanish?

[2:52]  You: not a word..

[2:52]  Carmilla Aura: yo entiendo, but don't speak

[2:52]  Carmilla Aura: parlo italiano se voi

[2:53]  You: het spreek je nederlander....a little....maybe only a few phrases? lol

[2:53]  Carmilla Aura: oooh

[2:53]  You: I dont even think I said that right >_<

[2:53]  Carmilla Aura: lol

[2:54]  Carmilla Aura: Savannah you don't speak english?

[2:54]  You: ich spreche deutsch...maybe just as well..only a few phrases......

[2:54]  Carmilla Aura: ach Deutsch

[2:55]  Carmilla Aura: yuck

[2:55]  Carmilla Aura: sorry

[2:55]  Savannah Shan: I can be naked here?

[2:55]  Carmilla Aura: yes

[2:55]  Carmilla Aura: Bitte

[2:55]  Savannah Shan: ok

[2:55]  Savannah Shan: thanks

[2:56]  You: you guys have anything "fun" going on over the weekend? irl?

[2:56]  Carmilla Aura: in RL?

[2:57]  You: religion? poking stuff with sticks? anything?

[2:57]  You: lol

[2:58]  Carmilla Aura: well... poking stuff with sticks seems exciting

[2:58]  Carmilla Aura: but not really anything really fun for me

[2:58]  Carmilla Aura: you?

[2:58]  You: a friend might take me out for thai food

[2:59]  You: might go to a computer parts those places

[2:59]  You: might bone...or watch doctor who...who knows

[2:59]  You: or he might blow me off....but Im hoping he wont. I MAED HIM BROWNIES

[2:59]  Carmilla Aura: You're from England, right?

[3:00]  You: me? no....United States/Australia...

[3:00]  Carmilla Aura: lol

[3:00]  Carmilla Aura: my bad

[3:00]  Carmilla Aura: where in Australia?

[3:00]  Carmilla Aura: and where in the US?

[3:00]  Carmilla Aura: sorry curious

[3:01]  You: originally from Queensland but I havent lived there in quite in Southern California

[3:01]  Carmilla Aura: cool

[3:01]  Carmilla Aura: you're up late

[3:01]  You: although I have watched enough doctor who in the past 48 hours to turn into a brit

[3:01]  You: yea

[3:01]  You: kinda

[3:01]  Carmilla Aura: lol

[3:01]  You: I should watch some msnbc and text people until I fall asleep

[3:01]  You: but Im so bored

[3:02]  Carmilla Aura: well, maybe you should try getting action here on the SL... lol

[3:03]  You: action as in intercourse? Im trying to be less bored...

[3:04]  Carmilla Aura: sorry, here I don't get the word intercourse

[3:04]  Carmilla Aura: English is not my mother tongue

[3:05]  You: ah...its a rather clinical term for sex....I use it to be facetious...

[3:05]  Carmilla Aura: lol

[3:05]  Carmilla Aura: action like whatever

[3:05]  Carmilla Aura: ooops

[3:05]  Carmilla Aura: our friend Savannah just gave up

[3:05]  You: lol

[3:06]  You: where are you from?

[3:06]  Carmilla Aura: France

[3:06]  You: ah cool...I know nothing about france at all...

[3:07]  You: other than bad cliches and squishy stereotypes

[3:07]  Carmilla Aura: well it's far from where you are,

[3:07]  Carmilla Aura: lots of stinky cheeses

[3:07]  Carmilla Aura: lots of pretty women

[3:07]  You: I can find it on a map!

[3:07]  You: lol

[3:07]  Carmilla Aura: I like clichés

[3:07]  Carmilla Aura: lol

[3:07]  You: stinky cheese is is pretty women

[3:07]  Carmilla Aura: Yep

[3:08]  Carmilla Aura: I agree, except on stinky cheese

[3:08]  Carmilla Aura: I'm not a fan

[3:08]  Carmilla Aura: opps

[3:08]  You: I love cheese...its quite good

[3:08]  Carmilla Aura: Hatchep has connection issues

[3:08]  You: really?

[3:08]  Carmilla Aura: she'll be back

[3:08]  You: I thought she just went to clean up...

[3:08]  Carmilla Aura: yes

[3:08]  Carmilla Aura: lol

[3:09]  You: wanker...IM'd me to tell me she (?) was jerking off to me :/

[3:09]  Carmilla Aura: yes she is a big wanker

[3:09]  Carmilla Aura: lol

[3:09]  Carmilla Aura: the biggest I know

[3:10]  You: oy

[3:10]  Carmilla Aura: nut I don't care

[3:10]  Carmilla Aura: but

[3:10]  Carmilla Aura: lol

[3:10]  Carmilla Aura: But, not nut

[3:11]  You: meh, I find it odd when people randomly touch themselves to my avatar

[3:11]  You: or at least inform me of it

[3:12]  You: anyway...I better log..its late

[3:12]  You: good night

[3:13]  Carmilla Aura: nighty night

[3:13]  Carmilla Aura: it was a pleasure meeting you

[3:13]  Carmilla Aura: I don't do these things don't worry

[3:13]  Carmilla Aura: good night

[3:13]  You: lol Im not

[3:13]  You: see you

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