Thursday, April 22, 2010

Third Party Viewers and You: How to not give a fuck or don't.

So everyone is up in arms about TPV policy. I read over the changes and all I can think is "Why are devs pissed off about this?" I mean, even fucking LGG is complying with it, and wasn't he the dude that made CryoLyfe or whatever? This all just seems so backwards. Boy Lane is no longer making Coolviewer or whatever her spiel is and it makes no sense. Same with Imprudence devs. I know I know, the liability thing is stupid, but doesn't LL do that anyway? I mean, haven't they always told you to piss off if you have a problem while using a TPV? It just seems like more emocutter faggotry. The TPV policy doesn't even seem like they have changed anything. I've always been an Emerald and Kirsten user, so I am unaffected, but there was a time when I used Cool Viewer, and I had actually stopped when Boy Lane was talking (ranting) about Ursula policy (Zindra Beta for any n00bs reading)and I just had a big wtf moment. It was like people were freaking out over nothing again. Pre-Ursula life was the same for me as it is Post-Zindra. I don't get it. I don't get why people flip the fuck out every time theres a policy change, because in the end, nothing ever changes. Camping is gone: oh noes, how many people still camp? I remember trying to camp once and they were all maxed out with bots. Ageplay is gone oh noes: really? Do we actually have to be upset about this? Sure, I get the whole two consenting adults thing, but depending where you life just pretending to make pixelsex with a kid is illegal, so if nothing else is the legal liability enough to not be upset by this? Gambling is gone: who cares? Gambling can be dangerous when real life currency is involved. If you want to gamble, go to like pogo games or something. I just don't see a problem with most of this stuff. At all. The only thing I'm disgruntled about is Viewer 2.0, but as long as they allow some sort of alternate viewer for those of us who prefer the old skoo style, then who cares? I mean, I'm one of those people who fully believe once you go Emerald you never go back, because I went insane trying to use vanilla 1.23 on a friends computer after getting used to Emerald. I just do not see what the big deal is.

tl;dr I don't care and neither should any of you. SL is not Fox News. Getting upset over stupid shit should never be cool.


  1. You know, I had a scary moment of realisation the other day ... I really want people to stop 'flipping the fuck out' over every little thing in SL, but then it occurred to me that i wouldn't have my daily dose of laughter at people 'flipping the fuck out'!

  2. Yeah, that's pretty much it as you called it. What's more laughable is looking at these developers' blogs and posts and read them arguing over the "real hidden agenda" in every legal clause in the TPV policy. The only thing that would be equally laughable would be a room full of lawyers telling each other what 16 pages of binary code "really meant".

    What's pissing me off though atm is this new breed of "You must use the viewer I use" cretin that is emerging across forums. Their usual post is, "I use viewer X, but I'm really just here to say how crap, fucked up and retarded every other viewer is and by extension its user - YOU!" This get's an immediate response from user of viewer Y along similar lines. Not be outdone though, user of viewer Z has to throw their 2cents in pointing out that X & Y are both fail retards. This never ending shitfest only pauses for a brief few posts when some fool posts something about Linux support, whereupon all sides can agree that this poor sap shouldn't be let of the basement at any price....quick lolzcat pic....shitfest resumes or moves thread.

    These people never seem to realise the stupidity of their logic by saying, " My viewer can do this and your's can't". It's analogous to being in Pizza Hut eating a pepperoni pizza and telling somebody who's eating the veg pizza that their's is crap because it doesn't have pepperoni.

    Anyway, thx for the space to rant.
    ===Emerald, Kirsten & Vanilla user===

  3. Hi. The liability clause in the TPVP appeared to announce Linden Labs' intention to sue the developers of third party viewers for damages caused by the users of those viewers. It also seemed to make third party viewer developers liable for damages caused by bugs introduced by Linden Labs themselves. So it was not just about banning people, but about lawsuits.

    FWIW I consulted my RL tech lawyer about it, and he said it was unenforceable.

    People were and are upset because they contributed their time to improve SL, and LL appeared to want to slap a liability on them that every piece of commercial software disclaims. I think they were right to be annoyed. I don't think some of them handled it very well.

    The clause has now gone.

  4. @Anon
    I agree somewhat. I personally believe these over emotional easily offended tantrum throwers should fuck off though. I'm really getting tired of the tantrum throwing in SL. It would be fine if it didn't affect me. I mean, if Emerald never came around, and Kirsten didn't switch back to the SL style instead of the OLG style of viewer, I would still be using CV. Do you know how pissed I would have been if my viewer went poof because of Boy Lane's tantrum?

    Theres too many closet drama seekers in SL. Usually people who say "No drama! Just fun!" are the ones to avoid. Either put up or shut up or change it. Whining won't help. Especially with LL.

  5. Oh that comment made me sound hypocritical. And for some reason my edit/delete button won't show up. Sadness. Meh, I've admitted to being a hypocritical attention seeking drama whore before, no reason I shouldn't admit it now ^____^