Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I feel a bit out of place.

I've always seen SL as a place for freaks to let their freak flag fly and feel good about themselves and not be ashamed, but I feel so out of place here. People my age seem to all be greifers or working all the time, and the people who really get into SL are all my rent's age and too far gone to really connect to. I found a friend on here who was about 19 when I was 16 or 17 and I really dug hanging out with him because he was someone I could connect to but he decided to tell me to fuck off so he could go pixelhump a 6 year old child avatar, which explains a lot really but since him I just haven't really found someone I could have fun with. IRL all of my friends are 30-ish and people in SL are all 40-ish and the more late teen/early 20s oriented communities just bore or annoy me. I'm all old and boring ^_^ I'm seriously rambling but meh, its my blog to self indulge and have a tl;dr pity party on so what now lol.

tl;dr I'm a social outcast in a place where social outcasts are normal.


  1. Weeeelllll...maybe they are 40 in SL but that doesn't mean they're all grown up with unprimbabbies or have a standard lifestyle, any more than you do by feeling a bit too old for your RL age group.
    Meet halfway and you'll have a blast. Forget the age. Don't ask it. You have WAY more fun that way.

  2. I'm almost thirty and think you're amusing as hell. I tend to be a loner or hang out with my writing peeps, but you're welcome to send me an IM.

  3. @Anon: I don't have to ask it. I can usually tell how old some one is by how they type. Generational perspective or whatever