Friday, April 30, 2010

Comments not showing up?

Some people have told me that they've commented and nothing has come up. Of course I have to approve all comments, but the people telling me this have never shown up on the moderation dashboard. Is this just a handful of people? And PM/IM me in SL landia if you comment and it refuses to show.


  1. Ya think that's screwy? My blog (blogger too) is set to no moderation. I get a message that somebody has posted and it's not showing. So I check settings and see that it is still at no moderation. Double check email, nothing there for moderation.
    Then I go to check my personal email and there are 2 posts for moderation! That email addy is the redirect if Hotmail goes tits up. Work that one out.

  2. A reader of foruiMay 2, 2010 at 7:58 PM

    your all fuckin noobz ...

    Daria moderate this you fuckin clown .

    Im sick of looking at the SL forum to see you chime in about shit you know nothing about with your snooty fuckin high horse ways .

    Really think your smart ?... your a fuckin clown !

  3. Something tells me "A reader of forui" is BiggFap or that Nichole broad.

    Why do people telling me that I'm an idiot always fail at the English language? You do know, if you wrote better I might believe that I'm the tard in this situation.

  4. Same reason that the folks claiming they found exploits in the Emerald viewer source yet carnt 5triNg a seNtens t0getha wurTh a dam are allowed oxygen.

    It goes toward credibility, counselor.

  5. Your new posts have become comment-able without special effort fo me anyway, since you did that widget default thing.