Saturday, April 24, 2010

[13:36] Daria Afterthought: god this is so dumb, theres going to be a blog post just of this chat log

 5 seconds after I log in...

[13:15]  Jumpman Lane: oh they let YOU back hehehehe
[13:15]  Jumpman Lane: i need a picture
[13:15]  Daria Afterthought: of course they did. why wouldn't they?
[13:15]  Jumpman Lane: i made u shitball of the month
[13:16]  Daria Afterthought: how about no?
[13:16]  Jumpman Lane: well you'd be in heady company
[13:16]  Jumpman Lane: prok
[13:16]  Jumpman Lane: torley
[13:16]  Jumpman Lane: buncha people hehehehe
[13:16]  Jumpman Lane: u earnt it
[13:16]  Daria Afterthought: right, if you want to write a bunch of shit about me, don't expect me to help you.
[13:17]  Jumpman Lane: i dont NEED ur help wrting it lol
[13:17]  Jumpman Lane: i need a PICTURE
[13:17]  Jumpman Lane: are you high?
[13:17]  Daria Afterthought: get your own. you know where my flickr is
[13:17]  Jumpman Lane: that's stealin
[13:17]  Daria Afterthought: why would I be high?
[13:17]  Jumpman Lane: and i dont know where ur flickr is
[13:17]  Jumpman Lane: and i LIKE MY PIX hehehehe
[13:17]  Jumpman Lane: caws ur talkin crazy
[13:18]  Daria Afterthought: yea well, you have shitty screenshotting skills and I'm too much of an elitest faggot to allow my avatar to be seen in that light.
[13:18]  Jumpman Lane: ur daffy
[13:18]  Jumpman Lane: u must be high
[13:19]  Daria Afterthought: I'm sure I seem that way to you.
[13:19]  Jumpman Lane: i was TAWT how to shoot pix in sl by a rl phoitog, sl photog sl ex model been usin this crap sinc e at least 03
[13:19]  Jumpman Lane: and if she aint aLinden's alt my name is Stroker Serpentine lmao
[13:19]  Jumpman Lane: we dont photoshop shit by the by
[13:19]  Daria Afterthought: you shoot pictures like its still 2003 man, use some fucking anti-aliasing once in awhile.
[13:20]  Jumpman Lane: bull shit
[13:20]  Jumpman Lane: very few people take better pix and they photoshop that crap
[13:20]  Jumpman Lane: which i can repsect but i dont have time to p[photoshop hundreds of pix every month
[13:20]  Jumpman Lane: i use 16 x antialiasing EVERYTIME
[13:20]  Jumpman Lane: i got a REAL g card lmao
[13:21]  Jumpman Lane: i PLAY in 8x
[13:21]  Daria Afterthought: thats nice.
[13:21]  Jumpman Lane: im tellin u some good shity
[13:21]  Jumpman Lane: listen you messe dwith a Lane and got a lil vaca
[13:21]  Jumpman Lane: i unnastan if ur stll a lil raw
[13:22]  Jumpman Lane: but being a shitballof the month might get u a fgew readers for that llil crappy blog of urs
[13:22]  Daria Afterthought: Jumpy, I never liked you, and I never will, and you fucked me over, and I told you to fuck off. Why are you obsessing over me?
[13:22]  Jumpman Lane: negativity from slut mag can be an endorsment in a way caw not everybody likes me lol
[13:22]  Jumpman Lane: see what i mean
[13:22]  Jumpman Lane: hehehehehe
[13:22]  Jumpman Lane: i wasnt even readin that
[13:22]  Jumpman Lane: i could givea shit if ANYBODY liked me or not
[13:22]  Jumpman Lane: i need a pic
[13:22]  Jumpman Lane: lol
[13:23]  Daria Afterthought: yea, I am aware, thats why I don't care if you name me "shit ball of the month" but I'm not going to help you do so
[13:23]  Jumpman Lane: well theres an award
[13:23]  Jumpman Lane: shit CALLIE CLINE was a shitball of the month and accepted her award
[13:23]  Daria Afterthought: I have no idea who she is
[13:23]  Jumpman Lane: ur lying or are a noob
[13:23]  Jumpman Lane: PLAY it how ya want hehehe
[13:23]  Jumpman Lane: google her on ur time
[13:24]  Jumpman Lane: i er need a hi rez pic
[13:24]  Jumpman Lane: high quality
[13:24]  Daria Afterthought: no seriously, I don't keep up to date with "SLebrities" from 3 years ago
[13:24]  Jumpman Lane: in 16 x anitaliasing and anpscopic on
[13:24]  Jumpman Lane: noob
[13:24]  Jumpman Lane: 3 yerz ago she was in maxim magazine
[13:24]  Jumpman Lane: and worked for pontiac and STILL is one ofthe best clothing designers in sl
[13:25]  Daria Afterthought: does it make me a noob to just not give a fuck? anyway, I've been in SL longer than you. and who the fuck cares?
[13:25]  Jumpman Lane: i cant tell u dont know who callie cline is lol
[13:26]  Jumpman Lane: people READ her blog
[13:26]  Daria Afterthought: thats nice.
[13:26]  Jumpman Lane: anyway i need a pic
[13:26]  Jumpman Lane: i mean talkin to u is nice and all but i coulda snapped it and stuff by now lmao
[13:26]  Jumpman Lane: damn u act like u were permatly banned
[13:27]  Jumpman Lane: they suspended u until u proved ur age
[13:27]  Daria Afterthought: if I let you screenshot me, what are you going to do anyway? just write a piece on me then leave me the fuck alone or continue to do "things"
[13:27]  Jumpman Lane: IF u didnt want that kinda stuff to happen YOU never shoulda posted that blog post
[13:27]  Jumpman Lane: i m not gonna harrass ur silly ass
[13:27]  Daria Afterthought: anyone with half a brain cell wouldn't have tried to pull that.
[13:27]  Jumpman Lane: like i said an article in slut mag can be like an endorsement
[13:28]  Jumpman Lane: noteverybody likes me and so people will read ur lil blog
[13:28]  Jumpman Lane: THAT"S what YOU want or else why bother
[13:28]  Jumpman Lane: pulled what?
[13:28]  Jumpman Lane: i'll even add a link
[13:29]  Daria Afterthought: I write in my blog because I like to write. Its refining my rad skillz. I could care less if people actually read it
[13:29]  Jumpman Lane: u might not like ME but i dont hate YOU is my point
[13:29]  Jumpman Lane: everything i do is for slut magazine
[13:29]  Jumpman Lane: ur lying
[13:29]  Jumpman Lane: no one writes without wanting SOMEONE to read it
[13:29]  Daria Afterthought: fine, do what you like, just let me change, somehow my zombie robot getup isn't what I have in mind to be insulted in
[13:29]  Jumpman Lane: if so u want for long
[13:29]  Jumpman Lane: comeon then lol
[13:31]  Jumpman Lane: ok i added ya
[13:32]  Jumpman Lane: and look how short ur avi is
[13:32]  Jumpman Lane: i bet a Linden took over ur account saw that and REALLY flipped lol
[13:32]  Daria Afterthought: its 5'4 dude...thats normal for a human female
[13:32]  Jumpman Lane: not in sl lol
[13:32]  Jumpman Lane: SIZE is a criteria lol
[13:32]  Daria Afterthought: ...and how many SL things do I conform to anyway?
[13:32]  Jumpman Lane: well ur a neko so thats one
[13:33]  Jumpman Lane: come in here lol
[13:33]  Daria Afterthought: no, a catgirl. not this faggy neko stuff
[13:33]  Jumpman Lane: ur google musst be broken lol
[13:33]  Jumpman Lane: wtf u think a neko is
[13:33]  Jumpman Lane: its a catgirl
[13:33]  Daria Afterthought: neko is cat in japanese
[13:33]  Daria Afterthought: nekomimi is a catgirl
[13:33]  Jumpman Lane: no iut aint
[13:33]  Daria Afterthought: literally cat-ears
[13:34]  Jumpman Lane: catgirk akiko is the most famous neko of all
[13:34]  Jumpman Lane: neko is short for nekomimi
[13:34]  Daria Afterthought: not really....but fine whatever.
[13:34]  Jumpman Lane: which means cat ears but means cat gal
[13:34]  Daria Afterthought: lets pretend you're right if it will make you shut up
[13:34]  Jumpman Lane: i got nekos lol
[13:34]  Jumpman Lane: i wikied it lmao
[13:34]  Jumpman Lane: i know im right hehehe
[13:35]  Daria Afterthought: I'm sure you do
[13:35]  Jumpman Lane: ur funny for a tard
[13:35]  Daria Afterthought: thank you?
[13:35]  Jumpman Lane: let me hurry and get these pix befire i piss u off and u change ur mind
[13:35]  Daria Afterthought: k
[13:37]  Jumpman Lane: im good
[13:37]  Jumpman Lane: see this'll make this ish better so i DO appreciate it lmao
[13:37]  Daria Afterthought: k. does this mean I can leave?
[13:38]  Jumpman Lane: oh yeah
[13:38]  Jumpman Lane: lol
[13:38]  Jumpman Lane: kick rox lol
[13:38]  Daria Afterthought: will do
[13:38]  Daria Afterthought: oh and jumpy, to quote Jon Stewart: Go fuck yourself.
[13:38]  Jumpman Lane: who the hellis John Stewert?
[13:38]  Jumpman Lane: lol
[13:39]  Daria Afterthought: ...right
[13:39] Jumpman Lane: i dont listen to that ol stuff but maggie may is a good song

Need I say anything more?


  1. Oh just to add: Don't go out and buy the next issue or whatever just to read what he has to say about me. I could care less and you should too. Don't boost his sales, just read the comments he posts here and you'll get a decent idea.

  2. I have to ask Daria ... why do you even entertain the nutjob?!

    Jumpman Lane? ... Girls yawn at him like a train spotter!

  3. Hey, I'm writing an article about people who sell out their dignity to people who've fucked them over. Any chance of a pic?

    /me sighs

    And it got him to shut up. When Jumpy is in STFU-landia, I'm happy.

  5. @Suella,
    Because it gives me priceless chat logs such as these. ^_^

  6. Oh, I got here directly through your own linkage, proof enough that people don't need to read some corny mag to get here. Though he proved as much himself already, since he visited himself BEFORE he wrote about it in his mag, right?
    Gahhhhhr! Stop me from rambling. And maybe you need to start up a new blog now to get rid of all the unwanted visitors ^_^

  7. No such thing as "unwanted visitors" sir, just dumb ones.

  8. My brain would have exploded after the second sentance

  9. I don't know why you give him the time of day Daria. But it did rather amuse me when he took the mickey out of you for not knowing some woman none of us have ever heard of, then telling you he doesn't know who Jon Stewart is.
    I guess Jon doesn't get on Fox News too often.

  10. Out of curiosity I actually googled that obscure chick. She was the chick that got listed on the Maxium 100 Hottest or whatever. Which makes me emo sad because she has a pretty fugly avatar. Also, total dude IRL. So I guess I had heard the legend of her, just never knew the same.

    tl;dr She's some e-famous obscure ugly chick only people like Jumpy care about.

  11. Daria, at the very least he is harassing you, which is an ARable offense. I know you feel you can't be bothered about him, but if you AR him it won't end the same way as when he ARed you. He will be permabanned.

  12. Oh Daria nuuuu!!!
    I REALLY wish you hadn't given him the pic.

  13. [13:38] Daria Afterthought: oh and jumpy, to quote Jon Stewart: Go fuck yourself.
    [13:38] Jumpman Lane: who the hellis John Stewert?
    [13:38] Jumpman Lane: lol
    [13:39] Daria Afterthought: ...right
    [13:39] Jumpman Lane: i dont listen to that ol stuff but maggie may is a good song


  14. Context:

  15. Ever thought that this guy just trolled you in perfection. coolface.jpg - style?

  16. You mean other than the fact its not called coolface? I've considered it, but then I quickly dismissed Jumpy doing something well thought out and clever as likely as peace in the middle east.

  17. when you DO take the time to do a lil griefin' NOBODY don't kknow they gettin griefed hehehehe

  18. Oh Jumpy, not smart. You do realize that you just admitted to harassment on a public blog that (thanks to and as proven by you) LL tends to take into consideration when dealing with governance matters right? So your choice is simple: Either you have to admit that convo was just you being retarded again or admit that convo was you attempting to "grief" (read: verbally abuse/harass) me. Choose wisely.

  19. I would like to congratulate Jumpman on his fantastic roleplaying of a total idiot, not just here, but everywhere else too. It really is well observed.

  20. Goooooooo Daria!!!!!!!! xD