Friday, April 30, 2010


Rachel Maddow has a snuggie! And hot pockets! Science shall give me her babbys.

Comments not showing up?

Some people have told me that they've commented and nothing has come up. Of course I have to approve all comments, but the people telling me this have never shown up on the moderation dashboard. Is this just a handful of people? And PM/IM me in SL landia if you comment and it refuses to show.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I went out with a friend for dinner since he was working overtime. He fucked up Eclipse somehow (HA HA!) We had greek. Hummus has got to be the greatest food on earth. Its so awesome. Like all...hummus-y..and awesome..

How to sew a teddy bear?

My teddy bear has become half way decapitated. How do I sew his head back on?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

FRIED FOODS (When health nuts learn the awesome of frying and proceed to overkill)

My better half learned how to deep fry. As a result my diet has turned into everything deep fried the past week. I had deep fried green beans last night, french fries the night before, and I'm going to end up having fried cauliflower or fried cheerios or something tonight. >___<

Saturday, April 24, 2010

[13:36] Daria Afterthought: god this is so dumb, theres going to be a blog post just of this chat log

 5 seconds after I log in...

[13:15]  Jumpman Lane: oh they let YOU back hehehehe
[13:15]  Jumpman Lane: i need a picture
[13:15]  Daria Afterthought: of course they did. why wouldn't they?
[13:15]  Jumpman Lane: i made u shitball of the month
[13:16]  Daria Afterthought: how about no?
[13:16]  Jumpman Lane: well you'd be in heady company
[13:16]  Jumpman Lane: prok
[13:16]  Jumpman Lane: torley
[13:16]  Jumpman Lane: buncha people hehehehe
[13:16]  Jumpman Lane: u earnt it
[13:16]  Daria Afterthought: right, if you want to write a bunch of shit about me, don't expect me to help you.
[13:17]  Jumpman Lane: i dont NEED ur help wrting it lol
[13:17]  Jumpman Lane: i need a PICTURE
[13:17]  Jumpman Lane: are you high?
[13:17]  Daria Afterthought: get your own. you know where my flickr is
[13:17]  Jumpman Lane: that's stealin
[13:17]  Daria Afterthought: why would I be high?
[13:17]  Jumpman Lane: and i dont know where ur flickr is
[13:17]  Jumpman Lane: and i LIKE MY PIX hehehehe
[13:17]  Jumpman Lane: caws ur talkin crazy
[13:18]  Daria Afterthought: yea well, you have shitty screenshotting skills and I'm too much of an elitest faggot to allow my avatar to be seen in that light.
[13:18]  Jumpman Lane: ur daffy
[13:18]  Jumpman Lane: u must be high
[13:19]  Daria Afterthought: I'm sure I seem that way to you.
[13:19]  Jumpman Lane: i was TAWT how to shoot pix in sl by a rl phoitog, sl photog sl ex model been usin this crap sinc e at least 03
[13:19]  Jumpman Lane: and if she aint aLinden's alt my name is Stroker Serpentine lmao
[13:19]  Jumpman Lane: we dont photoshop shit by the by
[13:19]  Daria Afterthought: you shoot pictures like its still 2003 man, use some fucking anti-aliasing once in awhile.
[13:20]  Jumpman Lane: bull shit
[13:20]  Jumpman Lane: very few people take better pix and they photoshop that crap
[13:20]  Jumpman Lane: which i can repsect but i dont have time to p[photoshop hundreds of pix every month
[13:20]  Jumpman Lane: i use 16 x antialiasing EVERYTIME
[13:20]  Jumpman Lane: i got a REAL g card lmao
[13:21]  Jumpman Lane: i PLAY in 8x
[13:21]  Daria Afterthought: thats nice.
[13:21]  Jumpman Lane: im tellin u some good shity
[13:21]  Jumpman Lane: listen you messe dwith a Lane and got a lil vaca
[13:21]  Jumpman Lane: i unnastan if ur stll a lil raw
[13:22]  Jumpman Lane: but being a shitballof the month might get u a fgew readers for that llil crappy blog of urs
[13:22]  Daria Afterthought: Jumpy, I never liked you, and I never will, and you fucked me over, and I told you to fuck off. Why are you obsessing over me?
[13:22]  Jumpman Lane: negativity from slut mag can be an endorsment in a way caw not everybody likes me lol
[13:22]  Jumpman Lane: see what i mean
[13:22]  Jumpman Lane: hehehehehe
[13:22]  Jumpman Lane: i wasnt even readin that
[13:22]  Jumpman Lane: i could givea shit if ANYBODY liked me or not
[13:22]  Jumpman Lane: i need a pic
[13:22]  Jumpman Lane: lol
[13:23]  Daria Afterthought: yea, I am aware, thats why I don't care if you name me "shit ball of the month" but I'm not going to help you do so
[13:23]  Jumpman Lane: well theres an award
[13:23]  Jumpman Lane: shit CALLIE CLINE was a shitball of the month and accepted her award
[13:23]  Daria Afterthought: I have no idea who she is
[13:23]  Jumpman Lane: ur lying or are a noob
[13:23]  Jumpman Lane: PLAY it how ya want hehehe
[13:23]  Jumpman Lane: google her on ur time
[13:24]  Jumpman Lane: i er need a hi rez pic
[13:24]  Jumpman Lane: high quality
[13:24]  Daria Afterthought: no seriously, I don't keep up to date with "SLebrities" from 3 years ago
[13:24]  Jumpman Lane: in 16 x anitaliasing and anpscopic on
[13:24]  Jumpman Lane: noob
[13:24]  Jumpman Lane: 3 yerz ago she was in maxim magazine
[13:24]  Jumpman Lane: and worked for pontiac and STILL is one ofthe best clothing designers in sl
[13:25]  Daria Afterthought: does it make me a noob to just not give a fuck? anyway, I've been in SL longer than you. and who the fuck cares?
[13:25]  Jumpman Lane: i cant tell u dont know who callie cline is lol
[13:26]  Jumpman Lane: people READ her blog
[13:26]  Daria Afterthought: thats nice.
[13:26]  Jumpman Lane: anyway i need a pic
[13:26]  Jumpman Lane: i mean talkin to u is nice and all but i coulda snapped it and stuff by now lmao
[13:26]  Jumpman Lane: damn u act like u were permatly banned
[13:27]  Jumpman Lane: they suspended u until u proved ur age
[13:27]  Daria Afterthought: if I let you screenshot me, what are you going to do anyway? just write a piece on me then leave me the fuck alone or continue to do "things"
[13:27]  Jumpman Lane: IF u didnt want that kinda stuff to happen YOU never shoulda posted that blog post
[13:27]  Jumpman Lane: i m not gonna harrass ur silly ass
[13:27]  Daria Afterthought: anyone with half a brain cell wouldn't have tried to pull that.
[13:27]  Jumpman Lane: like i said an article in slut mag can be like an endorsement
[13:28]  Jumpman Lane: noteverybody likes me and so people will read ur lil blog
[13:28]  Jumpman Lane: THAT"S what YOU want or else why bother
[13:28]  Jumpman Lane: pulled what?
[13:28]  Jumpman Lane: i'll even add a link
[13:29]  Daria Afterthought: I write in my blog because I like to write. Its refining my rad skillz. I could care less if people actually read it
[13:29]  Jumpman Lane: u might not like ME but i dont hate YOU is my point
[13:29]  Jumpman Lane: everything i do is for slut magazine
[13:29]  Jumpman Lane: ur lying
[13:29]  Jumpman Lane: no one writes without wanting SOMEONE to read it
[13:29]  Daria Afterthought: fine, do what you like, just let me change, somehow my zombie robot getup isn't what I have in mind to be insulted in
[13:29]  Jumpman Lane: if so u want for long
[13:29]  Jumpman Lane: comeon then lol
[13:31]  Jumpman Lane: ok i added ya
[13:32]  Jumpman Lane: and look how short ur avi is
[13:32]  Jumpman Lane: i bet a Linden took over ur account saw that and REALLY flipped lol
[13:32]  Daria Afterthought: its 5'4 dude...thats normal for a human female
[13:32]  Jumpman Lane: not in sl lol
[13:32]  Jumpman Lane: SIZE is a criteria lol
[13:32]  Daria Afterthought: ...and how many SL things do I conform to anyway?
[13:32]  Jumpman Lane: well ur a neko so thats one
[13:33]  Jumpman Lane: come in here lol
[13:33]  Daria Afterthought: no, a catgirl. not this faggy neko stuff
[13:33]  Jumpman Lane: ur google musst be broken lol
[13:33]  Jumpman Lane: wtf u think a neko is
[13:33]  Jumpman Lane: its a catgirl
[13:33]  Daria Afterthought: neko is cat in japanese
[13:33]  Daria Afterthought: nekomimi is a catgirl
[13:33]  Jumpman Lane: no iut aint
[13:33]  Daria Afterthought: literally cat-ears
[13:34]  Jumpman Lane: catgirk akiko is the most famous neko of all
[13:34]  Jumpman Lane: neko is short for nekomimi
[13:34]  Daria Afterthought: not really....but fine whatever.
[13:34]  Jumpman Lane: which means cat ears but means cat gal
[13:34]  Daria Afterthought: lets pretend you're right if it will make you shut up
[13:34]  Jumpman Lane: i got nekos lol
[13:34]  Jumpman Lane: i wikied it lmao
[13:34]  Jumpman Lane: i know im right hehehe
[13:35]  Daria Afterthought: I'm sure you do
[13:35]  Jumpman Lane: ur funny for a tard
[13:35]  Daria Afterthought: thank you?
[13:35]  Jumpman Lane: let me hurry and get these pix befire i piss u off and u change ur mind
[13:35]  Daria Afterthought: k
[13:37]  Jumpman Lane: im good
[13:37]  Jumpman Lane: see this'll make this ish better so i DO appreciate it lmao
[13:37]  Daria Afterthought: k. does this mean I can leave?
[13:38]  Jumpman Lane: oh yeah
[13:38]  Jumpman Lane: lol
[13:38]  Jumpman Lane: kick rox lol
[13:38]  Daria Afterthought: will do
[13:38]  Daria Afterthought: oh and jumpy, to quote Jon Stewart: Go fuck yourself.
[13:38]  Jumpman Lane: who the hellis John Stewert?
[13:38]  Jumpman Lane: lol
[13:39]  Daria Afterthought: ...right
[13:39] Jumpman Lane: i dont listen to that ol stuff but maggie may is a good song

Need I say anything more?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Third Party Viewers and You: How to not give a fuck or don't.

So everyone is up in arms about TPV policy. I read over the changes and all I can think is "Why are devs pissed off about this?" I mean, even fucking LGG is complying with it, and wasn't he the dude that made CryoLyfe or whatever? This all just seems so backwards. Boy Lane is no longer making Coolviewer or whatever her spiel is and it makes no sense. Same with Imprudence devs. I know I know, the liability thing is stupid, but doesn't LL do that anyway? I mean, haven't they always told you to piss off if you have a problem while using a TPV? It just seems like more emocutter faggotry. The TPV policy doesn't even seem like they have changed anything. I've always been an Emerald and Kirsten user, so I am unaffected, but there was a time when I used Cool Viewer, and I had actually stopped when Boy Lane was talking (ranting) about Ursula policy (Zindra Beta for any n00bs reading)and I just had a big wtf moment. It was like people were freaking out over nothing again. Pre-Ursula life was the same for me as it is Post-Zindra. I don't get it. I don't get why people flip the fuck out every time theres a policy change, because in the end, nothing ever changes. Camping is gone: oh noes, how many people still camp? I remember trying to camp once and they were all maxed out with bots. Ageplay is gone oh noes: really? Do we actually have to be upset about this? Sure, I get the whole two consenting adults thing, but depending where you life just pretending to make pixelsex with a kid is illegal, so if nothing else is the legal liability enough to not be upset by this? Gambling is gone: who cares? Gambling can be dangerous when real life currency is involved. If you want to gamble, go to like pogo games or something. I just don't see a problem with most of this stuff. At all. The only thing I'm disgruntled about is Viewer 2.0, but as long as they allow some sort of alternate viewer for those of us who prefer the old skoo style, then who cares? I mean, I'm one of those people who fully believe once you go Emerald you never go back, because I went insane trying to use vanilla 1.23 on a friends computer after getting used to Emerald. I just do not see what the big deal is.

tl;dr I don't care and neither should any of you. SL is not Fox News. Getting upset over stupid shit should never be cool.

Anti-Semitic Burger is damn tasty.

I usually avoid In-and-Out Burger because its on my list of "Corporations with Fundamentalist Christian Anti-Semitic Roots" but a friend took me out there for the first time in years and it was pretty kickass. I'm going to have to stop being such a stereotypical liberal and get over ideologies to enjoy something awesome like animal fries huh?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I feel a bit out of place.

I've always seen SL as a place for freaks to let their freak flag fly and feel good about themselves and not be ashamed, but I feel so out of place here. People my age seem to all be greifers or working all the time, and the people who really get into SL are all my rent's age and too far gone to really connect to. I found a friend on here who was about 19 when I was 16 or 17 and I really dug hanging out with him because he was someone I could connect to but he decided to tell me to fuck off so he could go pixelhump a 6 year old child avatar, which explains a lot really but since him I just haven't really found someone I could have fun with. IRL all of my friends are 30-ish and people in SL are all 40-ish and the more late teen/early 20s oriented communities just bore or annoy me. I'm all old and boring ^_^ I'm seriously rambling but meh, its my blog to self indulge and have a tl;dr pity party on so what now lol.

tl;dr I'm a social outcast in a place where social outcasts are normal.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I've been all ragey lately. This is a very bad thing. I usually try to keep calm but I seem to have gotten all evil lately. It blows. Wish I could stop being so pissed off.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I'm a really big SL fashion critic since its a world that you can look however you want, so theres no excuse for being so damn ugly, unless its on purpose. Would you guys want to read me bitch about fashion, maybe post a few links, that sort of thing? I don't want to be a fashion blog, but I have some viewpoints I'd like to share once in a blue moon.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Well that wasn't very nice.

I know I hadn't posted in the past few days and I'm sorry, but I was clearing up a matter with LL. Apparently Jumpy thought it would be funny to take my statement "I was 15 when I joined SL" and twist it into meaning "I was 15 when I created Daria Afterthought" and report me as if I was teh underager to LL. I'm back in SL now.

So kids, today we are talking about one of the most favorite forms of SLian "white collar" griefing. Abuse of Abuse Reports. You see, in this particular incident, Jumpy even admitted to knowing I was a legal adult, and that he just did this to inconvenience me. A bit of a dick move, but it worked. I was out of SL for about 2 weeks since LL is slow as shit to respond to tickets for us lowly basic accounts. It was a horrible experience as well. The Lindens were rude, slow, and borderline insulting. Jumpy sent me a load of PMs bragging about how he totally "pwnd" me. After all of this, I'm not even sure I want to go back to SL. I pay my tier fees, I was premium once, I buy lindens, I cash out lindens, friends bought me things, and to see it all hang in limbo because some asshole wanted vengeance..a bit sickening really. Especially after the thousands and thousands of dollars spent here after so many years, I would think LL would be a little more accommodating. I'm sure I'm not the first person this has happened to as well. I might contact a lawyer and see if theres any legal action that can take place here against Linden Research or the person behind "Jumpman Lane"

Abuse of Abuse Reports, although against the ToS, is very rarely enforced. I think it should be like RL. You file one too many fake reports, you get a fine. I don't consider myself a "SLebrity" in the slightest, but I do seem to have a strong following of people who want me dead/banned/silent but keep reading what I write anyway. Those people are probably never going to stop. Is there such thing as an SL legal fund...cuse I'm going to need it. :3

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Daria's Theory of Dated "SLebrity" Posting

(also known as the "Obscure Post 15-Minutes-of-Fame Forum Tantrum Theory")

Whenever Jumpy of Fail and Ebonics makes a stupid post, Stroker of Great Moobs must reply with a post of equal or greater stupidity. Whenever Stroker of Great Moobs makes a stupid post, Jumpy of Fail and Ebonics must reply with a post of equal or greater stupidity. This shall continue their recognition to the newer generations of SL players, yet not increase reputation, kudos, and cred due to subject matter, lack of context, and general "wtf" reaction which comes from those who did not previously know who Jumpy of Fail and Ebonics or Stroker of Great Moobs.

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The key to a successful marriage is communication...

Kids, our Mommy and Daddy (SL forum mods) aren't communicating thoroughly again, and I find it a bit...unfair yet lolworthy.

(received yesterday)


You have received this email because the content you posted below has been
approved by our moderators:

Subject: Re: So what do you think of the new tos?

9 times out of 10 no one knows what the hell you're saying either.

Posted: 4/2/10 12:32 AM

Woohoo, approved!

(received 10 minutes ago)


You have received this email because the content you posted below has been
rejected by our moderators:

Subject: Re: So what do you think of the new tos?

9 times out of 10 no one knows what the hell you're saying either.

Posted: 4/2/10 12:32 AM

Wait, wut?

As it turns out, if something as been approved, it can be AR'd again, in this case, Jumpy AR'd my post, whatever mod that was online said "Looks fine to me" so Jumpy AR'd it again, and a different mod said "OMG thats worse than Hitler REMOVE!" We have a bit of a double standard here. If something is approved it should stay approved, since when something is rejected it stays rejected.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010


I will be quitting SL, the forums, and the internet in general. I apologize for all the harmful things said, and I hope you all find what you are looking for.