Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Viewer 2: Electric Boogaloo

As soon as Viewer 2 was made publicly available, I downloaded it. I love me some beta testing. As soon as I logged in, big WTF moment. The first thing I noticed was the navigation bar. How exactly do I use the damn thing? Its not like I can type in darkdelights.sim and it will bring it up. Second thing I noticed: SIDEBAR. Sidebar...seriously? What is this? IMVU? I hate the sidebar. I played around with it for awhile and hated it. Inventory was actually pretty good...I like the new outfits folders and LL finally jumped on the Worn Tab bandwagon, yay LL. Of course, I lost the lm to Phat Cat's, again, so I tried to find search. WHERE IS THE SEARCH?!?! Oh. Found it. That little bar in at the top of the screen next to navigation. That is search. Just like in Firefox. Except I never use that bar to Google in Firefox, I use it to wiki. To google I press the home page button or actually type in google. I want my search button back. So, figured out search. Tried to use it. What the fuh is wrong with search? That is not search. That is just weird. Why is the chat bar so small? I hate the small chat bar. I like my normal chat bar. I hate voice. Stop making us use voice LL. Vivox sucks. The new IMs are okay...I guess. Reminds me of how Skype is.

All in all, Viewer 2 blows.
Pros: Inventory overhaul.
Cons: Everything which is not inventory related.

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  1. yep, agreed. I was forced to use it when I downloaded SL to a new computer downstairs and it looked nice but i was totally confused
    Wheres the mini map??
    I wasnt in it long enough to suss it out but I guess I better had get used to it cuz LL are shoving it down our throats when we log in now :(